Television News Coverage of the Orca Green in St. Louis

KTVI-TV has covered the Orca Green installation at the Butler's Pantry catering company in St. Louis. Watch as their trash turns to water, saving landfill space and waste-hauling costs.



Orca Green Composting Machine is in the News

The news media in St. Louis have taken note of Green Smart Food Service's arrival in the Gateway City.

What generated the interest? Our Orca Green composting machine is now turning waste into water at the area's exclusive Butler's Pantry catering company. Butler's Pantry is the first food-related business in St. Louis to install an Orca Green.

Already, in the early days of operation, the Orca Green has eliminated more than 3,200 pounds of food waste, allowing Butler's Pantry to both cut their trash hauling costs and make their customers happy with more environmentally sustainable events.

Here's s link to coverage in the St. Louis Business Journal.

And here's a link to the St. Louis Globe Democrat's story on our Orca Green.

Watch the Orca Green Composting Machine in Action

Celebrating 40 Years: Earth Day 2010

What are you doing to mark the 40th anniversary of
Earth Day this month?

The worldwide celebration calls attention to the environment and issues that affect us all.

Here's a link to the official Earth Day site. You can find local events, learn more about the Earth Day organization's core issues, or find ways to take action in your own community.

Here at Green Smart Food Services, we're installing an Orca Green composting machine in St. Louis at a very busy catering operation called Butler's Pantry during Earth Day week.

The owners of Butler's Pantry are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and the Orca Green is providing a solution to their food waste and trash hauling problems, saving time, money, fuel...and the environment at the same time.

Butler's Pantry's impact on local landfills will be greatly reduced and their customers will be pleased to know that they've made a responsible catering choice.

Want to know more about the Orca Green composting machine and how it can make every day Earth Day at your business? Contact us. We'll be happy to tell you more.