Warm Up With Compostable Bowls

Soup. Just the thought makes you feel nice and warm, doesn't it?

This picture may look like a simple soup bowl. But at Green Smart Food Services we know it's really part of a complete solution to turning the food service at your next meeting, convention or event --or even your entire venue --green.

We can give you the tools to help you and your customers make environmentally responsible choices.

For use along with the amazing ORCA green machine, we provide compostable bowls, plates and containers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These versatile soup bowls are manufactured from sustainable resources. They're biodegradable, recyclable and compostable as well as being microwave and freezer safe and oil and cut resistant. All important traits in your food service bowls.

Our soup bowls also are impermeable and non-toxic. How many things in your life can make that claim?

Available in 12 and 16 oz. sizes (lids available).

Contact the Green Smart Food Services team for details.


Your Convention, Meeting or Tradeshow Can Go Green

Green Smart Food Services works with convention centers, caterers and meeting planners to help them make their events earth friendly.

In addition to supplying compostable utensils, plates, bowls, cold cups, hot cups and trash bags, we also supply 100% recycled napkins and thermal coffee sleeves.

At the end of the event -- instead of hundreds or thousands of pounds of trash going to a local landfill -- much of it can go to a compost facility or into an ORCA Green machine at the venue.

Going green can actually pay dividends above the environmental ones. Many of our Green Smart Food Services products can be branded by sponsors, providing groups with income to help cover many of the costs of going green.

Ask us how to go green for less in 2010.


Top Nine Reasons to Consider an Orca Green

Why should you consider adding an Orca Green to your business? This amazing composting machine will:

  • Reduces dumpster and hauling costs
  • Provides a nutrient rich compost tea, reducing fertilizer expenses for grounds
  • Reduces fuel emissions during hauling
  • Reduces food waste impact on landfills
  • Eliminates methane gas byproduct of food waste decomposition
  • Provides a safer more sanitary work environment
  • Reduces insect and rodent problems
  • Handles all disposable plates, cups, and cutlery made from renewable resources
  • Silent and odor free

Introducing the Orca Green Machine

Green Smart Food Services is committed to finding practical solutions to preserve and protect our natural resources. We feel a strong responsibility to reduce our current footprint on the Earth.

We are an exclusive distributor of the Orca Green™ line of commercialized bioreactors, a groundbreaking technology that reduces organic waste to water in 24 hours.

Today, there is finally a technology that actually goes beyond zero waste. The water produced from everyday common organic waste can be used in irrigation applications, cleaned further for potability or similarly returned to the ecosystem through septic systems and sewers.