Your Convention, Meeting or Tradeshow Can Go Green

Green Smart Food Services works with convention centers, caterers and meeting planners to help them make their events earth friendly.

In addition to supplying compostable utensils, plates, bowls, cold cups, hot cups and trash bags, we also supply 100% recycled napkins and thermal coffee sleeves.

At the end of the event -- instead of hundreds or thousands of pounds of trash going to a local landfill -- much of it can go to a compost facility or into an ORCA Green machine at the venue.

Going green can actually pay dividends above the environmental ones. Many of our Green Smart Food Services products can be branded by sponsors, providing groups with income to help cover many of the costs of going green.

Ask us how to go green for less in 2010.

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  1. Glad to know how food at Convention, Meeting or Tradeshow Can Go Green. It’s just an amazing post. I will be hosting an event at seattle convention center and will love to book a similar service to serve healthy food to all attendees.