Green Hotels: You need an Orca Green Composting Machine

You care about environmental issues whether you're home or on the road. But did you ever wonder if there is an easy way to find a green hotel when you're traveling?

One answer has emerged with lists of hotels all over the world that follow environmentally responsible policies. It's called Green Hotel Finder.

As of today, the site has information on more than 2,000 hotels in the United States that have green certifications and practices.

Hotel operators who would like their property to take the ultimate step toward handling in-house food waste from their catering and dining activities should investigate the Orca Green Composting Machine.

The Orca Green takes food waste and turns it into a liquid that can drain safely into the sewer system. It can save landfill space and will reduce waste hauling costs for hotels and other users.

Contact Green Smart Food Services for more information on how the Orca Green can help your hotel go green.

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