Orca Green Composting Machine Helps Match Caterer and Customer

A green-focused catering company joining forces with a plant science center? You could call it a match made in environmentally responsible heaven -- right here in St. Louis.

St. Louis' Butler's Pantry -- one of the Gateway City's top catering operations -- has experienced a wave of positive publicity since installing the area's first Orca Green composting machine in its headquarters.
Television stations, newspapers and online outlets all have covered the story of Green Smart Food Services' exclusive Orca Green machine saving the catering company in waste hauling costs and saving space in local landfills.

Now comes the news that the prestigious Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center in St. Louis has named Butler's Pantry as its new caterer.

The St. Louis Business Journal reports that the Danforth Center interviewed a variety of caterers, but chose to partner with Butler's Pantry "because of its commitment to using Missouri farmers and environmentally friendly practices, including the Orca Green composting machine."

We wish the happy couple many years of turning waste into nutrient-rich water together.
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